Regular Board Meeting Minutes, September 11, 2023

Williamson Valley School District #2


Regular Board Meeting – September 11, 2023

The meeting was called to order at 4:30 PM by Johnny Kieckhefer. Present were Johnny Kieckhefer – Board President, Lynda Kieckhefer-Board Clerk, Sammie Stuart-Board Member, was absent.

Governing Board Members reviewed the following:  Minutes for the August 14, 2023, Regular Board Meeting Expense V

Governing Board Members review the following: Minutes for the August 14, 2023, Regular Board Meeting Expense Voucher #8102 – $4,179.79 for 2023-2024. Timesheets for Pay Period 3 – $1,400.31 and Pay Period 4 – $2,140.39 for 2023-2024. Lynda motioned to approve the above listed minutes and vouchers and payroll time sheets and Johnny seconded the motion. The above documents were unanimously approved with Johnny Kieckhefer voting Aye and Lynda Kieckhefer voting Aye.

Old Business  –  None

   New Business  – 

  1. Current Bus Issues: Laura Moore opened a NAPA Auto Parts account for use by bus driver Greg Ashforth. Greg has also requested the purchase of a two-way radio to stay in contact wit the Prescott Unified School District bus barn drivers. This is for safety reasons. Lynda motioned to permit the purchase of the two-way radio and Johnny seconded it. This was unanimously approved with Johnny voting Aye and Lynda voting Aye.Discussion about the students riding our bus who live in the PUSD school district. Johnny called the bus driver Greg to verify. He also had questions but knew the students.

    The three students from last year that were not allowed to bus with PUSD have been riding intermittently. The students are behaving well. The board has allowed to continue these students to ride.

    Discussion also continued with Lynda calling Laura to discuss the additional PUSD students listed on the bus rider roster. Several of the students are Williamson Valley High school students who now must have the district of residence as PUSD per changes by the state. The other PUSD student lives on a road that weaves in and out of our district and PUSD. There are only 3 other students in question had been in the Williamson Valley School District for years prior to this and were bus riders with us.

  2. Transfer of ESSER Grand Funds to PUSD: The board reviewed the approved government grant funds, for this past year, that were given to PUSD for use by our students.

The meeting concluded at 5:03pm. The next board meeting will be held on Monday, October 2, 2023, at 4:30pm at the Williamson Valley Fire Station, 15450 N. Williamson Valley Road, Prescott, AZ.

The October board meeting is being moved up one week due to Fall Break.

Respectfully submitted,

John W. Kieckhefer, President                                                       Lynda Kieckhefer, Clerk