Child Find Policy

Williamson Valley S. D. No. 2
Child Find Policy
Policy No. C-1

In accordance with the Arizona Department of Education, the following policy for Child Find procedures is as follows.

Being a transportation only district with all the Williamson Valley S.D. No. 2 students attending Prescott Unified School District, the following procedures will be in place to identify and assist parents with children with disabilities age birth through 21:

  1. As the Williamson Valley S.D. No. 2 has no buildings, brochures and information for parents will be posted at a location central to all families in the district. This information will include the procedures from the Prescott Unified School District in assisting parents with children with disabilities. Phone numbers and contact information will be included in these notices
  2. The district will work with the Prescott Unified School District Transportation Department in assisting any child needing busing which is written in the child’s IEP or IFSP.