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Parents Are Powerful When Given the Right Tools

Raising Special Kids helped me develop my toolbox.

Jill remembers being in the recovery room the day her son Jon was born. When her husband returned to her side after checking on the baby, she described him as “changed.” The doctor explained to her what he had already shared with her husband; he had identified a few markers for Down syndrome. Jill’s limited understanding and experience provided her with a notso- optimistic vision for her son’s future.

It did not take her long to adjust to what she refers to as “the new normal” which included weekly visits from an early interventionist and various therapists. When Jon was in first grade, Jill reached out to Raising Special Kids for help with school. She recalls, “One of the most important things I’ve learned from Raising Special Kids is that parents are valuable members of any team decision-making process and their participation is required by law. Parents are powerful when given the right tools and Raising Special Kids helped me develop my toolbox. I regularly refer parents to Raising Special Kids and I tell them how much the organization helped me. And, most importantly, Raising Special Kids never turns anyone away.”

“One of the most important things I’ve
learned from Raising Special Kids is that
parents are valuable members of any team
decision-making process.”
– Jill Nico

Our Mission

Raising Special Kids exists to improve the lives of children with disabilities, from birth to 26, by providing families with training, information, and individual assistance to help parents become effective advocates.

Services are provided at no charge in Spanish and other languages.

Programs and services for parents and families

  • 10,589 Families received information, training, and individual assistance
  • 93% Parents gained useful knowledge about how to work with schools
  • 379 Parent to Parent Matches
  • 86% Parents reported improved ability to advocate for child’s needs, services, and care

Programs and Services for families

  • Accurate, authoritative information related to your child’s disability or special health condition.
  • Individual problem-solving support to understand and access the programs, health plans, and services your child may need.
  • Special education consultations, training, and problem-resolution services
  • Parent coaching and mentoring programs
  • Workshops and training to increase advocacy skills and improve ability to work with professionals.
  • Referrals to agencies, organizations, and community resources with expertise to meet your family’s needs.

Programs and Services for Professionals

Programs for physicians, educators, and social service professionals offer training and information about the family perspective on disability.

“The services you provide are invaluable for
parents and children and are above and beyond
what our clinic can offer. This information will
help me provide higher quality care to my
-Lauren Drake, M.D.

  • 2,292 Professionals attended training
  • 96% Education professionals reported being better prepared to work with families
  • 51 Pediatric and family practice physicians completed training and home visits
  • 98% Physicians reported improved ability to communicate with families

“This is honestly what I’ve been looking for – a
comprehensive resource for families regardless
of the diagnosis. I love that the organization is
parent run, that it connects families going through
similar experiences, and empowers communities.”
Abimbola Oduguwe, M.D.,

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